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Performance or Instability performance or instability
Job instability has emerged as an issue which is creating job stress in employees and their job involvement and job performance is being affected. This book is concerned about understanding the causal relationship of job instability and job performance. The study aims to identify the key moderators of job performance which can highlight the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of employees in the organizational setup.
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Growth And Instability In Indian Agriculture performance or instability
Studies show that the economic reforms have slowed down the foodgrain production in India. This sluggish farm sector growth during 1990s is a constraint to sustaining high rates of overall economic growth as well as employment and income growth. Study by Panagariya (2004) has claimed the low variability in agricultural production during the post reform period, but Viramani (2004) and Rakshit (2004) have questioned this. The present book analyses the growth and instability performance of foodgrain and non-foodgrain crops during the pre- and post- reform period in India. Agricultural performance has an economy-wide impact and this performance has to be examined at a disaggregate level in a large agro-climatically diverse agrarian economy like India, so state-wise analysis of agricultural growth and instability performance is carried out. The study found the slowdown in foodgrain output growth during the post – reform period at all-India level.
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Organizational Stability and School Performance performance or instability
Despite decades of policy innovation aimed at improving school performance, the number of public schools defined as low performing in the U.S. continues to grow. Most explanations of low performance do not consider the fact that many of the country's lowest performing schools also share high rates of turnover among staff and students, or organizational instability. In this study, the author develops the theoretical underpinnings of both the concept of organizational stability and its relationship with school context and performance. The author then tests the model empirically using school level data from public schools in North Carolina. The analyses provide support for previous findings on the impact of turnover and mobility, while also contributing to a new, more nuanced, understanding of the role of school instability in helping to explain low school performance.
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Stress is a phenomenon that bombards us in our daily life and it affects all segments of human life including child, youth and old stage. Various conditions cause stress in one's life like fear of losing a job, financial instability, emotional event or due to any personnel reason. Mostly, stress impacts a performance of individual in a negative way regardless he/she is working in an organization or doing any other social life work. Stress has impact on job performance of an employee working in an organization. There is level of absorbing stress of each individual and it varies from person to person. For one individual demotion of job would be high stressful as compared to other. Similarly, ways to handle stress also vary on individual basis. Some people have more willpower to face high problematic situations with little stress and some people have to demonstrate minor problem as a high stress problem
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Microsatellite Instability within Fragile Sites in the Rat Genome performance or instability
Toxic heavy metals in air, soil, and water are global problems that are a growing threat to all living kinds in the environment. Exposure to toxic heavy metals can result in cytotoxic, carcinogenic and mutagenic effects. Mutagenesis is an indicative of genetic instability and can be assayed using microsatellite instability (MSI). The aim of the present study is to investigate; based on the rat model, the effects of oral acute and sub-chronic doses of four heavy metals (cadmium chloride, lead acetate trihydrate, arsenic trioxide and copper sulphate pentahydrate)on microsatellite instability at D6mit3, D9mit2 and D15Mgh1 loci, which are located in three different common fragile sites (6q21, 9q32-q33 and 15p14, respectively), within rat genome. In the acute and sub-chronic studies, the MSI were observed in the three studied loci and was in the form of addition or deletion of base pair nucleotides. These finding may indicate the sensitivity of microsatellite sequences located at the fragile sites and the sensitivity of the simple sequence repeats (SSRs) assay for the detection of small variations in DNA sequence.
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The Potential For Political Instability in the PRC performance or instability
The US, in addition to most major powers and its international allies are increasingly intertwined with China as it continues its rapid economic growth and dominance of East Asia. Should the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) undergo significant political reforms, it would be a potentially destabilizing event for the global community and could cause the weakening or collapse of economic, political, social and security systems worldwide. Although there is a great deal of literature regarding levels of unrest among the Chinese population and hardships and burdens placed on them by their government, there is also a wide body of literature arguing that none of these prevailing factors could lead to any sort of mass unrest or threat to the stability of the CCP in its current form. Examining two critical case studies of interaction between Chinese politics and civil society occurring in China today, and analyzing whether those factors could lead to serious unrest in the region may shed some light on just how likely it is that the Chinese population will remain content with the current status quo or whether Chinese citizens will push for significant political reform in the near future.
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Performance evaluation in a supply chain network using simulation performance or instability
Supply Chain Management has become companies’ strategy to improve their competitiveness certainly. Fast changing of the world, both internally and externally, has forced some companies to make decision to relocate their facility or reassign their functions to various facilities. A lot of mathematical models have been used to do optimization on supply chain networks, whereas supply chain dynamics, such as production uncertainty, demand fluctuation and transportation instability, are not present in most of the mathematical models. On the other hand the complexity in evaluation of performance parameters, in the mathematical models, provides necessity for simulation study as a flexible model to evaluate such criteria readily. This research provides a systematic way to evaluate production distribution network performance with respect to some performance factors under ARENA simulation software. The main objective is to evaluate different networks based on the transportation time and transportation cost as performance factors.
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Financial instability  through the prism of  Flight-to-Quality performance or instability
A general theoretical framework is proposed to analyse Flight-to-Quality events, defined as a mass investment migration from risky to safe assets. The model consists of only two asset classes, risky and safe. The framework is applied to Flights-to-Quality from emerging market public debt to U.S. treasuries, in the period 1998-2010. An alarm signal system is designed to warn of upcoming Flights-to-Quality and their terminations, and is applied: (i) to delimiting hypothetical Flights-to-Quality on an ex-ante basis, which are compared with historically observed episodes, to test the quality of the alarm signals; (ii) to elaborate dynamic interest rate risk hedge strategies, characterized by higher returns and lower volatility in comparison with statically hedged investments. The proposed framework potentially allows for improving the timeliness of financial policies, which can be triggered by the alarm signals. It can also be a useful tool for defining adequate policies to be implemented acting either on an insufficient supply of the safe assets or on a decreasing demand for the risky investments, thus contributing to a more stable economic environment.
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Study of Growth and Instability of Vidarbha Region Crops performance or instability
Agricultural growth plays an important role in achieving certain national goals, such as reducing rural poverty, supplying raw materials to major industries. Knowledge about growth drivers in agriculture and their relative importance in different parts with different agro- climatic conditions is desirable for effective planning at regional level. The growth drivers have relevance in deciding programmes of agricultural development and priority areas of investment in agriculture. The quantitative assessment of the contribution of the various factors to growth of the crop output at the state or regional level is helpful in reorienting the programmes and priorities of agricultural development.The study was based on time series data of area, production and productivity of Vidarbha region crops. Compound growth rate (C. G. R. %) of area, production and productivity and instability index was used to study the growth and instability of Vidarbha region crops.Study concluded that area and production of cash crops, (Soybean, Sunflower, Cotton, Tur) increased.Area and production of soybean was increased at highest rate.Productivity of all crops did not illustrate any drastic change.
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Performance Bond: Conditional or Unconditional performance or instability
In construction contracts, a 'performance bond' is a bond taken out by the contractor, for the benefit of and at the request of the employer, in the event of the contractor's default, repudiation or insolvency. There are two types of performance bonds: Conditional bond or default bond, whereby the surety accepts 'joint and several' responsibility for the performance of the contractor's obligations under the contract; and Unconditional bond or on-demand bond, which is a covenant by the surety to indemnify the employer following contractor's default, subject to stated terms and up to a sum commonly 5% of the main contract sum. However, in Malaysia, the question of whether the performance bond in a construction contract is a conditional or an unconditional guarantees is one of the issues relating to performance bond that has been discussed. Thus, in order to determine the types of performance bond applicable in a contract, a thorough understanding of the content of the bond is required. Therefore, the objective of this research is to determine the phrase(s) in the Performance Bond in a construction contract that determine whether the performance bond is a conditional or unconditional.
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Interaction between two oscillating stream in reactive system performance or instability
The performance requirements of any combustion system include maintaining a stable combustion over the entire operating range of fuel/air rates. Sometimes the operating range of the combustor is limited by large pressure oscillations and energy release fluctuations. Combustion instability is a common problem for almost all combustion devices in a wide range of applications: from rocket engine to industrial burners. It may take place in combustion chambers of various sizes and purposes using gaseous, liquid or solid fuel. The interaction between two oscillating streams as related to the suppression of the combustion instability was investigated. The ability of the tested configurations to suppress the low frequency combustion instability was demonstrated experimentally. Special emphasis was given to diagnostic techniques for analysis of the details of the oscillating streams and their interaction. An advanced method, with highly improved resolution and dynamic range FIV (Fluid Image Velocimetry) was specifically developed for this purpose and applied for velocity field analysis coupled with local measurements of time dependent pressure, temperature, CH*- emission and velocity.
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