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Performance or Instability performance or instability
Job instability has emerged as an issue which is creating job stress in employees and their job involvement and job performance is being affected. This book is concerned about understanding the causal relationship of job instability and job performance. The study aims to identify the key moderators of job performance which can highlight the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of employees in the organizational setup.
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Organizational Stability and School Performance performance or instability
Despite decades of policy innovation aimed at improving school performance, the number of public schools defined as low performing in the U.S. continues to grow. Most explanations of low performance do not consider the fact that many of the country's lowest performing schools also share high rates of turnover among staff and students, or organizational instability. In this study, the author develops the theoretical underpinnings of both the concept of organizational stability and its relationship with school context and performance. The author then tests the model empirically using school level data from public schools in North Carolina. The analyses provide support for previous findings on the impact of turnover and mobility, while also contributing to a new, more nuanced, understanding of the role of school instability in helping to explain low school performance.
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Export Instability in India performance or instability
International trading environment is undergoing a rapid transformation. Globalisation of Indian economy is the main thrust of the new Foreign Trade Policy of the Govt. of India. The new FTP takes an integrated view of the overall development of India’s foreign trade and essentially provides a roadmap for the development of this sector. The broad aim of the policy is to boost up exports, overcome balance of payment crisis, increase foreign exchange reserves along with national income, potential for employment generation and international competitiveness. The study examines the issue of diversification of country's export pattern in terms of both commodities and markets. Future prospects of exports sector have been examined to find out the effect of government's trade policy on export performance. An attempt has been made to examine the performance of India's Exports and instability with the help of growth rates, coefficient of concentration, t-test, Coppock's instability index and ranking. This book will be of great help to various academicians, research scholars, economists and policy makers in understanding the basic issues relating to India's export performance and instability.
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Measuring Instability of price and production of Pulses in Bangladesh performance or instability
This study assessed the production and price instability of pulses in Bangladesh. The study analyzed the data in different ways to capture the different views of instability by the different participants. Grass pea was constituted highest seasonal price instability among the all viewers and pigeon pea was in the lowest ranking. Average model, random walk model, linear trend model, exponential trend model and ARIMA model were applied to determine the production and long run price instability. Average viewers had a feeling of more instability than others for both the cases. ARIMA type models showed the lowest price instability for all kinds of pulses. In case of production instability, trend viewers felt more instability than random walk viewers but in case of price instability, trend viewers felt less instability than naive viewers. Chickpea was found in the first position of production instability in the overall ranking because of low level of disease resistant power. On the other hand, grass pea was in the first ranking for the long run price instability because of more volatility in the demand side. Pigeon pea was positioned in the last ranking for all the cases.
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Comparison Between Ankle Taping and Prophylactic Bracing performance or instability
Chronic Ankle Instability is a condition resulting from inadequate healing of teared ligaments which when subjected to constant motion and stretching, either heal elongated or are replaced with a mass of scar tissue leading to loss of integrity of the ligamentous support and instability of ankle joint which in turn causes recurrent ankle sprains. The purpose of this study was to compare the effect of commercially available semi-rigid ankle brace with ankle taping on dynamic balance and functional limitations in patients with unilateral chronic ankle instability. The result of the present study suggests that bracing has significant improvement in reach deficits as compared to taping in subject with Chronic Ankle Instability.
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Growth And Instability In Indian Agriculture performance or instability
Studies show that the economic reforms have slowed down the foodgrain production in India. This sluggish farm sector growth during 1990s is a constraint to sustaining high rates of overall economic growth as well as employment and income growth. Study by Panagariya (2004) has claimed the low variability in agricultural production during the post reform period, but Viramani (2004) and Rakshit (2004) have questioned this. The present book analyses the growth and instability performance of foodgrain and non-foodgrain crops during the pre- and post- reform period in India. Agricultural performance has an economy-wide impact and this performance has to be examined at a disaggregate level in a large agro-climatically diverse agrarian economy like India, so state-wise analysis of agricultural growth and instability performance is carried out. The study found the slowdown in foodgrain output growth during the post – reform period at all-India level.
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Performance Bond: Conditional or Unconditional performance or instability
In construction contracts, a 'performance bond' is a bond taken out by the contractor, for the benefit of and at the request of the employer, in the event of the contractor's default, repudiation or insolvency. There are two types of performance bonds: Conditional bond or default bond, whereby the surety accepts 'joint and several' responsibility for the performance of the contractor's obligations under the contract; and Unconditional bond or on-demand bond, which is a covenant by the surety to indemnify the employer following contractor's default, subject to stated terms and up to a sum commonly 5% of the main contract sum. However, in Malaysia, the question of whether the performance bond in a construction contract is a conditional or an unconditional guarantees is one of the issues relating to performance bond that has been discussed. Thus, in order to determine the types of performance bond applicable in a contract, a thorough understanding of the content of the bond is required. Therefore, the objective of this research is to determine the phrase(s) in the Performance Bond in a construction contract that determine whether the performance bond is a conditional or unconditional.
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Strategic Performance Management performance or instability
Strategic Performance Management brings together the fields of strategic management, strategic management accounting and organizational behaviour, to analyse and improve the link between organizational strategy, systems of planning and control, and performance-driven behaviour. By assessing market conditions and customer expectations, and linking them to a solid operating plan, an organization can focus its resources on activities that produce the greatest return on investment. Strategic Performance Management teaches readers, whether business students or executives, how to avoid errors and counter ineffectiveness; it provides methods and techniques to implement strategic performance management and support organizations in their pursuit of more performance-driven behaviour and better performance. New to this edition:- New introductory chapter defining strategic performance management, its processes and its benefits- Revised chapter considering ICT architecture for strategic performance management systems- Revised and improved coverage of performance pay, strategic action plans, and barriers for implementing strategic performance management- Updated and revised case studiesStrategic Performance Management is an ideal text for students on MBA programmes, or covering strategic performance management or management control on specialist postgraduate courses or final year undergraduate modules. It will also appeal to business executives keen to build a more successful, and more profitable, organization.
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ND ND-36 PWM Constant Voltage 12V 3A 36W Switch Power Converter performance or instability
Excellent work performance: large power switch power supply with 5~10s delay detect circuit design can avoid instantaneous output and instability high voltage; Short circuit overload over voltage protection; Convenient to install
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Mike Bryant Hypnotherapy For Dummies performance or instability
An easy-to-follow, reassuring and responsible guide that shows how you can use hypnotherapy to identify and overcome unhealthy modes of thinking, deal with emotional issues, improve performance, and banish bad habits. Whether you’re seeking to overcome anxiety or depression, improve your performance professionally or personally, lose weight or beat an addiction, hypnotherapy can help you make the changes you want.
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Influence of Job Satisfaction in escalating Employee Performance performance or instability
This study explained the nature of relationship between job satisfaction and job performance of the middle level employees of Pakistan banking sector. Pakistan economy was facing economy crises last 30 years and banking sector was showing instability since 2005. This study helps the measure the job performance effectiveness by the job satisfaction so banks can improve their performance by satisfying their employees. For the measurement of the job satisfaction and job performance, two models were considering to analysis the nature of relationship between them. Demographic factors such as age, gender, salary and expenses were use to show the background of the respondents. Analysis of these factors showed that employees in early stages of careers are more satisfied then older employees and they performed also better than those employees.
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Abilities & Learning Styles and their Effect on Academic performance performance or instability
Ever wondered what impacts academic performance? Is abilities or styles contributing to academic performance and its relationship to adjustment? This book will take you on the journey of Mapping the traits and styles of engineering students to perform better academically or/and have less adjustment issues. It's in-depth analysis with research data will help in understanding of the role of some Socio-demographics factors and study habits on academic performance. A light and easy read with lots of insight..!!!
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Malburet François Mechanical Instability performance or instability
This book presents a study of the stability of mechanical systems, i.e. their free response when they are removed from their position of equilibrium after a temporary disturbance. After reviewing the main analytical methods of the dynamical stability of systems, it highlights the fundamental difference in nature between the phenomena of forced resonance vibration of mechanical systems subjected to an imposed excitation and instabilities that characterize their free response. It specifically develops instabilities arising from the rotor–structure coupling, instability of control systems, the self-sustained instabilities associated with the presence of internal damping and instabilities related to the fluid–structure coupling for fixed and rotating structures. For an original approach following the analysis of instability phenomena, the book provides examples of solutions obtained by passive or active methods.
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Aluminum Cooler Heat Sink Chipset for RAM Memory - W Type (8-Piece Set) performance or instability
The cooler heat sink chipset is great for high performance or over clocked systems. The cooler chipset dissipates the RAM heat to improve its performance. The universal size fits on all motherboards. - Great for high performance or over clocked systems - Dissipates RAM heat improving its performance - Effective size fits on all motherboards - Easy installation with spring clips - 8-piece set
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RTM Kernel Implementation on FPGA using High Level Synthesis Tool performance or instability
The efficient data management is a key to the performance for many High Performance Computing (HPC) applications. The programmable devices normally support efficient utilization of data by providing a fixed architecture of caches or scratch pad memories. These caches or scratch pad memories are designed on the basis of few heuristics that are generic enough to provide varying degree of performance enhancement for various applications. However, the performance for applications having complex data accesses can still be improved by providing more customized memory layouts for those applications.
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Measuring Performance in the Financial Services: An empirical study performance or instability
Management accounting theory suggests that two different measures of branch performance should be computed; one to evaluate the economic performance of each branch and the other to evaluate the performance of branch managers (managerial performance). It also advocates that the evaluation of a manager’s performance should consist only of those factors under his or her control. The purpose of the study was to ascertain the type of performance measures that are applied in these institutions. That is whether or not the management of these banks have been applying financial and/or non financial performance measures in assessing the performance of their branches and the managers of those branches. The study also assessed whether in measuring the performance of these branches factors that are within the control of these branches are considered. In addition the study examined the impact of contingent factors on the use of financial and non financial performance measures and the application of the controllability principle from a contingency perspective.
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