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Improved Performance High Speed Network Intrusion Detection Systems david parmenter key performance indicators developing implementing and using winning kpis
This book has focussed on designing high performance Network Intrusion Detection Systems models, we have presented two designs to address limitations of Packet Loss and Low Detection Rate. The first high performance mechanism is based on Dynamic Cluster adoption using refined policy routing and Comparator Logic. The traffic load sharing mechanism reduces the packet drop by exchanging state information between load-balancer and cluster nodes and implementing switch overs between nodes in case the traffic exceeds pre-defined threshold. Comparator Logic enhances the overall efficiency by recovering lost data and analyzing it to identify threats. Intelligent Anomaly Detection Filtration (IADF) using cascaded architecture of anomaly-based filtration and signature-based detection process is the second high performance design. The IADF design is used to preserve resources of NIDS by eliminating large portion of the traffic on well defined logics. We have evaluated the mechanism to detect Denial of Service (DoS) and Probe attempts based by analyzing its performance on Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) dataset.
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Richard  Yamarone The Trader's Guide to Key Economic Indicators david parmenter key performance indicators developing implementing and using winning kpis
A handy reference to understanding key economic indicators and acting on them New economic data are reported virtually every trading day. Investors, big and small, have to understand how these reports influence their investments, portfolios, and future sources of income. The third edition of The Trader's Guide to Key Economic Indicators examines the most important economic statistics currently used on Wall Street. In a straightforward and accessible style, it tells you exactly what these reports measure and what they really mean. Filled with in-depth insights and practical advice, this reliable resource sheds some much-needed light on theses numbers and data releases and shows you what to look for and how to react to various economic indicators. Covers everything from gross domestic product and employment to consumer confidence and spending Author Richard Yamarone shares his experience as a former trader, academic, and current Wall Street economist Illustrated with instructive graphs and charts that will put you ahead of market curves Engaging and informative, this book will put you in a better position to make more informed investment decisions, based of some of today's most influential economic indicators.
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Motor Skills and Coordination: The Key to Athletic Success david parmenter key performance indicators developing implementing and using winning kpis
There is a series of physical and mental characteristics that contribute to unbeaten performance in elite sports. Each sport and activity requires a specific set of these skills. Being successful in one sport does not necessarily make you successful in another, as success requires a whole range of factors to come together and interact in the right way. Coordinative ability is just one of the factors, and for many sports plays a significant role in success. Coordination itself, however, is a comprehensive system made up of numerous synergistic elements and not necessarily a singularly defined ability. Developing basic coordination through movement stimulus is a must, with the ultimate goal of developing sport-specific coordination in the adolescent years. Physical education teacher coaches and sports scientist have been trying to develop economical and authentic means of training so as to enable sportsmen to attain high coordinative abilities in different games and sports. This book may contribute towards developing sound training programmes for selecting potential players in baseball and softball of a young age.
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Shot Boundry detection & key frame extraction using image compression david parmenter key performance indicators developing implementing and using winning kpis
The increasing use of multimedia streams nowadays necessitates the development of efficient and effective methodologies for manipulating databases storing this information recent developments in video compression technology, the widespread use of digital cameras, high capacity digital systems, coupled with the significant increase in computer performance and the growth of Internet and broadband communication, have increased the usage and availability of digital video. Applications such as multimedia information systems, distance learning, video on-demand produce and use huge amount of video data. This situation created a need for tools that can effectively categorize, search and retrieve the relevant video material.This book provide how to enhance a speed of multimedia information by extracting the unwanted key frame
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Kip  Gregory Winning Clients in a Wired World. Seven Strategies for Growing Your Business Using Technology and the Web david parmenter key performance indicators developing implementing and using winning kpis
A valuable guide to making technology work for your business Now that the Internet bubble has burst, financial service professionals are looking for more realistic ways to use technology to their advantage. J. K. Lasser Pro Taming Technology offers easy and effective methods to do just that. This comprehensive guide puts what's available today in technology into a cohesive framework-one that offers a systematic way to think about and implement technology-to build and strengthen relationships with clients and prospects. J. K. Lasser Pro Taming Technology is a valuable resource for financial service professionals seeking clear, practical advice on using technology and the Internet to acquire and retain profitable business. This book provides readers with easy-to-use ideas and techniques to successfully incorporate technology into their business promotion.
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Developing Ceramic Glaze Opacifier Using Bone Ash From Abattoirs david parmenter key performance indicators developing implementing and using winning kpis
Development of glaze technology is of great important in ceramics in order to make the wares stronger, impervious to fluid, hygienic, and most especially aesthetically appealing to the eyes. Glazes can be classified in many ways, including its physical appearance. Opaque glaze falls under this category and the commonest way of creating opacity in glazes is usually using tin oxide and zirconium. It is observed that refined tin oxide is expensive despite its abundant availability in Nigeria while zirconium is rarely found in the country. Most small scale ceramics industries depend on imported ceramic materials among which are opacifiers because local ones are not adequately processed. Nigerians produced and consume a lot of cattle and animal products thereby causing lots of bones dumped in abattoirs. This research work tends to sort an alternative way of creating opacity in ceramic glazes using bone ash from abattoirs, with a view to using it as substitute to tin and zirconium oxides in which most small scale ceramic industries may not be able to afford.
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Comparative Performance Assessment of Small-Scale Irrigation Schemes david parmenter key performance indicators developing implementing and using winning kpis
Most irrigation performance assessment studies have focused on internal indicators in which infield water use efficiencies were main target areas. Although such performance assessing parameters require collecting of intensive primary data which is in most cases time consuming and are challenging, their recommendations will be limited to infield water management improvement. IWMI has developed a methodology for assessing production, financial and water supply performances of either small or large scale irrigation schemes. The methodology applies internal and external indicators and requires very few data. The methodology can be applied for comparing different types of irrigation systems at different scales and also to evaluate a single scheme alone. This book attempted to introduce the concept of comparative performance indicators together with some process or internal indicators as a tool to ass two small-scale irrigation schemes of Ethiopia where availability of data is scarce. The outputs are very helpful for farmers, irrigation professionals, designers, researchers and policy makers.
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Anne Picker Dolganos International Economic Indicators and Central Banks david parmenter key performance indicators developing implementing and using winning kpis
Praise for International Economic Indicators and Central Banks «Anne Picker's International Economic Indicators and Central Banks is a tour de force. It brings together a wealth of information, explanation, and guidance, which has hitherto only been available from disparate and frequently obscure sources, and does so with great clarity and authority. It will be an invaluable resource not only for investors but for all others involved in the fields of finance and economics.» –Donald R. Anderson, OBE FRSE (UK), International Economics Advisor, formerly chief economist, Courtaulds Group «Picker's book provides a comprehensive and up-to-date guide to the workings of key central banks, and to the economic data that informs their thinking and policy formation. The book should be required reading for those with more than a passing interest in financial markets and monetary policy formation.» –George Worthington, Chief Economist, Asia Pacific, Thomson-IFR (Australia) «International Economic Indicators and Central Banks is an invaluable guide for anyone doing business overseas or investing in international markets. It is thorough and precise enough for professional economists yet readily accessible to business people and investors. Anne Picker is not only an excellent communicator who demystifies central bank operations and technical economic indicators; she is also a top-notch economist with extensive experience in analyzing them. Don't read any international economic analysis without this volume close at hand.» –David A. Levy, Chairman, The Jerome Levy Forecasting Center
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ANFIS Models for Dynamic Load Balancing in 3GPP LTE david parmenter key performance indicators developing implementing and using winning kpis
Next Generation Networks (NGN) such as LTE and WiMAX offer higher spectral efficiency and data rates using new technologies such as femto cells, relay nodes etc. These networks are normally deployed for use in parallel with existing networks. This approach to network deployment complicates network operation and management, thus translating to higher capital and operational costs. In a bid to minimize these costs, self-organising operations were envisioned. Load balancing is a self-organising operation. It aims at ensuring an equitable distribution of users in the network. Several methods based on iterative techniques have been proposed and some adopted for load balancing. However, these iterative techniques are computationally intensive and use a limited number of parameters for load balancing. This work proposes two models developed from network simulations for load balancing. The two models are based on Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) designed using load indicators and key performance indicators
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Jim  Troup Divorcing the Dow. Using Revolutionary Market Indicators to Profit from the Stealth Boom Ahead david parmenter key performance indicators developing implementing and using winning kpis
An investment approach that unlocks the secret of market patterns Based on over forty years of combined author experience as portfolio managers and financial advisors, Divorcing the Dow presents a timely framework for understanding and investing in market cycles. Authors Jim Troup and Sharon Michalsky believe that the Dow Jones Industrial Average is no longer a relevant indicator of market performance; in fact, they feel that watching the Dow may actually obscure indications that the financial markets are poised to experience a boom that dwarfs anything seen before. Based on in-depth research and field-tested in their own successful management of millions of dollars in personal and corporate assets, Divorcing the Dow introduces investors to a revolutionary paradigm for assessing the markets and making investment decisions. Troup and Michalsky's approach focuses on analyzing patterns of productivity as a way to anticipate market cycles and investment potential-and with this book they've outlined how investors can begin to recognize these patterns themselves. Divorcing the Dow provides investors with a new framework for thinking about financial markets and gives readers specific investment techniques to anticipate the market's direction and identify companies poised for sustained productivity and long-term growth. Jim Troup (Sarasota, FL) is First Vice President, Financial Consultant, Portfolio Manager, and Corporate Client Group Director at Smith Barney. A twenty-four-year finance veteran, Troup has worked with leading investment firms including E.F. Hutton and Merrill Lynch, and lectures extensively on portfolio management and asset allocation. SHARON MICHALSKY is First Vice President, Financial Consultant, Portfolio Manager, Corporate Client Group Director at Smith Barney, where she began her career nineteen years ago. She has attended The Wharton School and is the guest speaker at many professional forums where she lectures on investment methodology and portfolio management.
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MCPD 70 – 518 Exam Ref: Designing and Developing Windows Applications Using Microsoft. NET Framework 4 david parmenter key performance indicators developing implementing and using winning kpis
Prepare for MCPD Exam 70-518 - and help demonstrate your real-world mastery of Windows application design and development with .NET Framework 4. Designed for experienced, MCTS-certified professionals ready to advance their status - Exam Ref focuses on the critical-thinking and decision-making acumen needed for success at the MCPD level. Focus on the expertise measured by these objectives: Designing the Layers of a Solution; Designing the Presentation Layer; Designing the Data Access Layer; Planning a Solution Deployment; Designing for Stability and Maintenance.
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David  Jackman The Compliance Revolution. How Compliance Needs to Change to Survive david parmenter key performance indicators developing implementing and using winning kpis
The Compliance Revolution—Practical, Powerful Changes for Strategic Organizational Value Compliance is absolutely critical in creating a robust and resilient organization, one which is trusted by clients and contributes to market stability. Firms must approach compliance differently in order to meet these standards. Written for compliance staff, regulatory organizations, and senior management, The Compliance Revolution explains how key changes in compliance affect underlying principles, practices, roles, expectations and values. This valuable resource for global practitioners assists in navigating compliance requirements and implementing solid protection for a sound organization. Author David Jackman presents a coherent model for understanding and applying key developments in regulation and compliance. While the model is based on financial services, it can be applied to any sector and industry. It identifies five critical compliance components: Start-up, crises, expansion, sustainability, and outcomes-led focus. You will also discover: Why compliance is worth spending money on What your firm could and should be doing differently The importance of ethics in compliance and regulatory challenges How to create a pro-compliance culture Ten principles of good governance and why good governance matters How to employ judgment-based compliance The features and benefits of corporate maturity The Compliance Revolution is a crucial asset for all those with stakes in compliance—board members, compliance managers, and employees. David Jackman outlines key compliance challenges and reveals the practical tools and techniques required for successful practice. The insight, examples, and strategies in this comprehensive guidebook will help you and your organization achieve increasingly efficient, substantially more effective compliance procedures and practices.
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INTRODUCTION TO MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM david parmenter key performance indicators developing implementing and using winning kpis
This Book is given to acquaint students with types of information systems that help business organizations get aggregate information as well as managing the information systems with in the organization. This Book give knowledge about Fundamentals of Information systems, solving business problems with information systems, a systems approach to problem solving, developing and implementing a solution, key components of IT, managing IT.After learning this book You can get Acquire skills regarding information technology,Acquire skills of using information ,technology in business and management decision making and Acquire skills of managing information technology.
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Plant Performance Improvement Using TPM Measure and DMAIC Cycle david parmenter key performance indicators developing implementing and using winning kpis
Very useful for those who wish to improve performance of medium scaled fabricated parts manufacturing plant. Measurement of overall equipment effectiveness on daily basis leads to optimum utilization of resources and application of DMAIC improvement cycle enhances the value of OEE as a whole.Application of FMEA tool to press parts, prioritize the causes of failures and suggests the measures required to be taken on priority basis.
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Performance Analysis of MIMO Cooperation Diversity in Hybrid FDMA-TDMA david parmenter key performance indicators developing implementing and using winning kpis
In this study report, we have analyzed a hybrid FDMA-TDMA access technique in a cooperative distributive fashion implementing a protocol introduced in (Nabar et al., 2004). A wireless network consists of two users terminal , two relays and two destination terminals. The relays are operating in amplify-and-forward (AF) mode with a xed gain. Two operating modes: cooperation-gain mode and power-gain mode are exploited from source terminals to relays, as it is working in a best channel selection scheme. Vertical BLAST (Bell Laboratories Layered Space Time) or V-BLAST with minimum mean square error (MMSE) nulling has operated at the relays to perfectly detect the joint signals from multiple source terminals. The performance have been analyzed of the end-to-end output signal to noise ratio (SNR) using binary phase shift keying (BPSK) modulation scheme and investigated over Rayleigh and independent and identical (i.i.d.) Nakagami-m fading environments. Subsequently, simulation results show that the proposed scheme can provide better signal quality of uplink users in a cooperation communication systems using hybrid FDMA-TDMA technique.
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Multimedia Performance david parmenter key performance indicators developing implementing and using winning kpis
How do performers and artists use media technologies to create live events? How have developments in audio-visual technology changed the relationship between the spectator and the performer? How can performance respond to the technology-saturated consciousness of contemporary culture? What are the key concepts and terms needed to understand multimedia performance? Multimedia Performance provides a comprehensive overview of the development, theory and definitive characteristics of this rapidly developing and popular area of practice. Drawing on case studies from across a wide range of contemporary performance, the book introduces key artists, companies and debates. Klich and Scheer describe new and emergent forms including video performance, digital theatre, interactive dramaturgies and immersive environments, presenting an up-to-date analysis of the evolving relationship between technology and aesthetics in contemporary performance culture. Exploring the different ways in which technology can activate new aesthetic potentials and audience experiences, Multimedia Performance demonstrates the vital role of multimedia technologies in contemporary theatre practice. Supported by illustrations, media theory and textboxes, this is important reading for anyone interested in questions of the live and the mediated aspects of performance, and essential reading for students of theatre and performance.
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