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Character Degrees and Direct Products character degrees and direct products
The principal object of this book is to discuss in detail the influence of character degrees on the structure of finite groups especially solvable groups. ?Character ??theory ?has ??very ?strong ?interplay ?with group ?structure. In the last two decades,? a number of papers has appeared that indicates the existence of a connection ?between the character degree set of a finite group and its? ?structure?. ?It is not difficult to see that the character degree set ?of a finite group does not completely determine the structure of the? ?group?, ?and in fact?, ?it often gives us little information about the? ?structure of the group?. In ?this book, ?we present a? ?problem ?arising ?in a ?particular character ?degree ?set. ?We look at a particular character degree set and we ?obtain strong structural information about the group more than what ?we expected?. ?This gives more evidence to the existence of a deep? ?connection between the structure of a group and its character degree ?set if this set is reasonably specified. This book will be useful to graduate students and researchers providing an up-to-date account of character theory of finite groups and related topics.
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Tom Kelly Buy Now. Creative Marketing that Gets Customers to Respond to You and Your Product character degrees and direct products
Learn the secrets of direct response marketing with the man who created the George Foreman Grill campaign In today's highly competitive, global marketplace, businesses have to do more than just advertise their products. By taking advantage of the accountable advertising model that direct response has to offer, you can improve your bottom line, build brands, and develop lasting relationships with legions of satisfied customers. In Buy Now!, Rick Cesari reveals twenty-five years' worth of insights and methods, enabling you to make the most of direct response marketing in your business toolkit. Whether you're a business owner, executive, inventor, or marketer, Buy Now! gives you the secrets behind the successful campaigns that catapulted products into millions of homes. Find out how to use direct response to create a "self-funding "marketing campaign Learn the techniques to building offers that will get people to respond to your products Use «high touch» direct response marketing to build brand equity and drive sales at retail Find out why large companies like Johnson & Johnson and Valvoline are using these concepts for their consumer brands Cesari has put more companies on the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies than anyone else Buy Now! to launch your products and campaigns to new heights-and connect with customers as never before-with Cesari's market-leading insights.
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HOMESCHOOLING based on Christ-centered character character degrees and direct products
This book aims to present the biblical approach to advantages of character development in Christian home schooling. The character development processes are described based on the Bible and the reason for successful character development is also explained. - Building character development - The spiritual character advantages - The academic character advantages - The positive and successful character of socialization - Non-isolation character development - The healthy character of self-respect - The physical character advantages - Maintaining character development in the forefront - Developing character education - The relationship with the real world
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