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Building Hotel KPIs building hotel kpis
In order to thrive in the spinning- fast shifting context of today’s marketplace there is an ever growing need to focus on performance, developing any edge that would lead to competitive advantages and outsmart the competition. The purpose of this work is to analyse the construction process of a performance management system tailored to fit the needs of a high-end hotel group, the focal point being represented by the development of key performance indicators. The study researches the relevant literature and employs the qualitative analysis through the use of semi-structured interviews with the management team as methodology. Presented here is a snapshot into the service side of one of the hotel group's F&B departments. The KPI design process presented is the incipient stage of a workable performance management system built on a functional framework and inherent weighing method. A step by step approach to the making of KPIs is outlined and the end product revealed, giving decision makers an empirical model for consideration.
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