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Отсутствует Banking Law and Practice отсутствует banking law and practice
A solid understanding of how banks operate is crucial to grasp the functioning of modern society. Banks are an intrinsic part of business, finance, and everyday life. Modern banking is regulated by a sophisticated set of laws and regulations that are constantly evolving. Banking Law and Practice from the Hong Kong Institute of Bankers outlines and explains these laws and regulations clearly and in detail. This regulatory framework has a deep impact on banks, bankers, and anyone that deals with them, which is the overwhelming majority of society. This high level of impact makes Banking Law and Practice an important book as well as a necessary and authoritative reference for industry professionals, students, and the public at large. Banking Law and Practice discusses a range of topics that have a direct bearing on the day-to-day operations of banks, from contracts to how to ensure safe and secure lending. It examines the development and current state of banking legislation and regulation and facilitates bankers and their institutions to shape their practice to meet all the necessary legal and regulatory requirements. Students, industry professionals, and the public at large will welcome the thorough and clear explanations of the legal and regulatory framework in which banks operate. This book is essential reading for candidates studying for the HKIB Associateship Examination and anyone else seeking expert knowledge of the legal and regulatory structure affecting banks in Hong Kong. Topics covered in this book include: Contractual Relationships Code of Banking Practice Money Laundering Negotiable Instruments Law Related to Securities Bankruptcy and Insolvency
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Commercial Bank of God? Islamic Banking and Law & Religion in Kenya отсутствует banking law and practice
Commercial Bank of God? Islamic Banking and Law & Religion in Kenya introduces Islamic banking generally, a practice growing by leaps and bounds in East Africa. Besides explaining the nuances of Sharia compliant transactions, the book lays out the legal, social and religious context and framework that the (arguably) novel practice must navigate in order to flourish in the region. It explores the question of church (religion) and state relationship, in particular the place of Islamic law in Kenya. This is a good read for the law and business student and teacher, practitioner, banker, business person, and law and policy maker.
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Banking Law in India:Regulatory Regime отсутствует banking law and practice
The Banking Law in India:Regulatory Framework includes important Acts dealing Banking sector in India.The Book highlights the important statutory provisions related to RBI Act,1934,Banking Regulation Act,1949,Negotiable Instruments Act,1881,SARFAESI,2002,Debt Recovery Tribunal,Banking Ombudsman,Development Banks of India,Banking frauds etc. in thirteen chapters. The book is an extensive study of current banking regulatory regime in India and deals with all the aspects of banking law comprehensively. The language of the book is lucid and caters to the need and demand of banking professionals,students,commercial establishments, Bar and Bench and other stakeholders.
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Law and Practice of the United Nations отсутствует banking law and practice
Law and Practice of the United Nations: Documents and Commentary combines primary materials with expert commentary, demonstrating the interaction between law and practice in the UN organization, as well as the possibilities and limitations of multilateral institutions in general.
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Principles and Practice in EU Sports Law отсутствует banking law and practice
Principles and Practice in EU Sports Law provides an overview of EU Sports Law. It details the development of EU sports law over time and applies this example to the discussion of the tension between sporting bodies and states and international organizations.
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Internet Banking and the Law in Europe: Regulation, Financial Integration and Electronic Commerce отсутствует banking law and practice
The European Union has long sought to create a single financial area across Europe where consumers in one country benefit from financial markets and activities in other countries. With the emergence of the Internet as a platform for the provision of online banking services, the creation of a pan-European market for banking services appeared a realistic proposition. In practice, however, this has not happened. This book asks why and argues that the creation of banking markets via the Internet relies on both available technologies and appropriate laws and regulations. The institutional and legal framework for online banking services in the single European market are examined, as is the level of legal harmonization achieved in the UK, France and Germany under the influence of the EU Directives pertaining to online banking activities.
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Undermining Commercial and Banking Law and the Financial Crisis отсутствует banking law and practice
This book outlines the origins of the current economic turmoil that begun in 2008 starting with the credit crunch and financial crisis in Wall Street and London, which led to a global financial crisis, which in turn led to a global economic crisis / recession. In examining the causes of the financial crisis, this book asserts that there was a deliberate and well orchestrated undermining of International Commercial Law, Banking Law and Financial Services Regulations by Banking establishments, financial institutions and the Financial Regulatory bodies that were meant to police them. The undermining of law however was not limited to the causes of the crisis but also resurfaced in the measures proposed to curb the financial and economic crisis. Wall Street and London caused the Problem and were relied upon to fix it.
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Agency Law in Commercial Practice отсутствует banking law and practice
An essential guide to agency law, exploring its problems and application in commercial practice.
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A treatise on Banking and Finance отсутствует banking law and practice
A treatise on banking and finance ‘is a comprehensive and up-to-date introduction to the business of banking. The book covers both theoretical and applied issues relating to the global banking industry, highlighted by examples from across Africa, India and the wider international arena. It is organised into four main sections: introduction to banking; central banking issues in bank management; comparative banking markets. •Familiarises students with the reasons banks exist, the different services they offer, and the recent trends impacting on the banking business. •Covers contemporary central banking and bank regulation issues providing students with the most up-to-date information on banking practice.
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Thammarak Moenjak Central Banking. Theory and Practice in Sustaining Monetary and Financial Stability отсутствует banking law and practice
Understand the theories and interpret the actions of modern central banks Central Banking takes a comprehensive look at the topic of central banking, and provides readers with an understanding and insights into the roles and functions of modern central banks in advanced as well as emerging economies, theories behind their thinking, and actual operations practices. The book takes a systematic approach to the topic, while providing an accessible format and style that is appropriate for general audiences and students with only a minimal macroeconomic background. Theoretical reviews and examples of how the theories are applied in practice are presented in an easy-to-understand manner and serve as a guide for readers to further investigate specific ancillary central banking topics and as a means to make informed judgments about central bank actions. Important topics covered in the book include: Evolution of central banking functions and the international monetary system Theoretical backgrounds that are the foundation to the modern practice of monetary policy Monetary policy regimes, including exchange rate targeting, money supply growth targeting, the risk management approach, inflation targeting, and unconventional monetary policy. Actual practice in market operations and transmission mechanisms of monetary policy The exchange rate and central banking Theoretical backgrounds related to various dimensions of financial stability Current developments with regards to sustaining financial stability The future of central banking in the wake of the 2007-2010 global financial crisis Case studies on relevant practical issues and key concepts in central banking Designed as essential reading for students, market analysts, investors, and central banks' new recruits, Central Banking better positions readers to interpret the actions of central banks and to understand the complexities of their position in the global financial arena.
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Public Law отсутствует banking law and practice

Public Law

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Public Law отсутствует banking law and practice
Public Law Text, Cases, and Materials explores how the law works in practice. The key institutions, legal principles, and conventions that underpin the public law of the UK are brought to life through the inclusion of extracts from key sources, which are explained and critiqued by the authors.
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Law and Practice of the United Nations отсутствует banking law and practice
Law and Practice of the United Nations: Documents and Commentary combines primary materials with expert commentary, demonstrating the interaction between law and practice in the UN organization, as well as the possibilities and limitations of multilateral institutions in general. Each chapter begins with a short introductory essay that describes how the documents that follow illustrate a set of legal, institutional, and political issues relevant to the practice of diplomacy and the development of public international law through the United Nations. Each chapter also includes questions to guide discussion of the primary materials, and a brief bibliography to facilitate further research on the subject.
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Absolute Legal English Book: English for International Law (+ CD-ROM) отсутствует banking law and practice
Absolute Legal English is a practical and stimulating course book for students of law and practising lawyers who wish to work in an international legal environment and need to extend their language skills. It is particularly useful for candidates preparing for the ILEC exam. Absolute Legal English consists of nine units which cover the main areas of international law: Intellectual property, Competition law, Employment law, Contract law, Real property law, Company law and Environmental law. Each unit gives practice in all four key language skills and all skills work is closely related to real working practice. At the end of each unit, there are additional exam-type tasks for each ILEC paper plus specific exam advice. Absolute Legal English can be used successfully both in class and for self-study.
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Law for Social Workers отсутствует banking law and practice
Trusted for over 25 years, Law for Social Workers expertly guides students throughout their studies and into practice. The authors skilfully combine accessible legal explanation, real-life case studies, and valuable practice-focused advice.
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Steiner & Woods EU Law отсутствует banking law and practice
Steiner & Woods EU Law offers well-balanced and straightforward coverage of EU law, drawing out key case law for a student readership. The book offers the most comprehensive black letter guide to EU law for undergraduates and postgraduates, bringing together the expertise of three authors engaged in the teaching and practice of EU law.
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The Cambridge Companion to Ancient Greek Law (Cambridge Companions to the Ancient World) отсутствует banking law and practice
This Companion provides a comprehensive overview of the major themes and topics pertinent to ancient Greek law. Many of the 22 essays, written by an international team of experts, cover procedural and substantive law in classical Athens, but significant attention is also paid to legal practice in the archaic and Hellenistic eras. The essays offer substantial evidence of legal practice in Crete and Egypt, as well as the intersection of law with religion, philosophy, political theory, rhetoric, and drama.
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